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  • The Australia skilled immigration program allow the applicant to live and work in Australia
  • Permanent resident under the Australia skilled immigration program have access to health care benefits and certain social security payment ( subject to waiting periods)
  • Permanent resident under the Australia immigration program are eligible for citizenship after staying for 4 years.
  • Applicant can sponsor their family for permanent residence.
  • Dependents can accompany the applicant, provided they comply with Australian law to migrate to Australia.

  • The applicant have to satisfy the basics requirement to migrate under the skilled independent visa.
  • Age
  • English Language
  • The applicant should prove that he/she meet the English language of component or vocational level by submitting the test results before the application is lodged. You should also meet the English language threshold (IELTS 6 bands in all the components), if u hold valid passport and are a citizen of one of the following countries united kingdom, Canada, New Zealand united state of America and republic of Ireland. if u need 10 or 20 point under proficient English(IELTS 7 or more band 8/or more band respectively in all compents),English test results are required.
  • Nominated Occupation
  • The applicant should nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL) with his / her, qualifaction and work experience
  • Skill Assessment
  • It is mandatory for an applicant to get a positive skill Assessment for a nominated occupation before the visa application lodged.
  • Overseas Experience Points (Experience outside Australia)
  • The applicant for the Australia skilled immigration program can claim points for having three/five/eight years of overseas experience in the nominated occupation in the last 10 years.
  • Overseas Qualification Points (Qualification Gained outside Australia)
  • The applicant for the Australia immigration program can claim for recognized qualification which at a level of Bachelors or P.H.D
  • Australian Study
  • The applicant for the Australia skilled immigration program can claim additional points for Australian study for a qualification or course which is at least two academic years or more.
  • Live and Study in Regional Area
  • The applicant can claim additional points,if the Australia study requirement and living and study in a regional low population growth metropolitan area in Australia for last 2 years.
  • Partner Skills
  • Applicant for the Australia skilled immigration program can claim points under partners skills, if the partners satisfies the basic requirement of age,
  • English language ability, qualifications, and nominated occupation with a skill assessment. The partners should obtain a positive skills assessment from a relevant assessing authority and IELTS of 6 in each band. Spouse nominated occupation should also be eligible for same visa sub class as the primary applicant.
  • There are five points granted for professional years done from Australia in the last four years and credential community language points if u have been assessed as a para professional translator by NAATI
  • Health Requirement
  • The Medical examination should be conduct by a panel doctor approved by Australian government.
  • Character Requirement
  • The applicant should obtain police clearance certificate from all countries in which he/she lived from then 12 months cumulative or over a continuous periods in the last 10 years leading up to applicant.
  • English Language
  • Secondary applicant for the Australia skilled immigration program 18 years or over included in the application should provided evidence of having at least functional English. Applicant who do not have functional to pay second installment fees which entitles them to attend English tuitions in Australia.

If granted visa for the Australia skilled immigration program, applicant & their dependent will be able to live and work in any part of Australia and engage in any type of employment. It is a five year multiple entry visa. However, the expiry visa does not effect the permanent resident status of applicant in Australia.

The applicants who continue to travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident after the initial visa (RRV). The eligibility for an RRV will depend on the period the applicant has resided in Australia.

  • Skill assessment fee- AUD 300-AUD2200
  • Education assessment (if applicable )- AUD60-300
  • Medical /Registration-case specific
  • DIAC Application fee: AUD3520
  • Dependent below 18 yrs: AUD 1760
  • Dependent below 18yrs:AUD 880
  • Spouse English requirement fee: AUD4885
  • (This fee is applicable only if the spouse or the dependent is unable to score 4.5 overall in ELTS and not completed his/her graduation in English medium)
Note: above mentioned fee particulars may change subject to respective country’s immigration policy.


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