Danish Green Card

The Danish Green Card conspire is a based work grant plot which enables you to live and work in Denmark on the off chance that you can score enough focuses dependent on criteria, for example, age, language aptitudes, work involvement, and instruction. In the event that you score no less than 100, you can get a living arrangement grant substantial for up to18 months. Also, you will probably bring your close family along.

Just as scoring 100, you should have a legitimate medical coverage strategy and have the capacity to give evidence that you can bolster yourself and your family while you search for work in Denmark.

  • Stay Period
    Danish Green Cards are substantial for as long as year and a half, and can be broadened.
  • Occupation offer
    This visa does not expect you to have an occupation offer before applying.
  • Relatives
    On the off chance that you are allowed a living arrangement license under Denmark's Green Card Scheme, your companion or accomplice is likewise qualified for a home grant, just as any kids younger than 18 who are inhabiting home with you. Your companion or accomplice is permitted to work all day for the whole time of the living arrangement grant's legitimacy.
  • The Danish Green Card Points Based System
    This visa is focuses based, with candidates scoring focuses for training, language aptitudes, and adapatability.