Permanent Residence(PR) Visa

Skilled worker immigration visa grants you the permission to live and work lawfully anywhere in the country as you get permanent residency on the basis of your education, work experience and various other factors.

As a permanent resident you are eligible to avail all the social welfare benefits offered by your destination country. Developed countries like Canada, Australia Denmark and Hong Kong are looking after its own people as the respective government offer:

  • Free medical coverage with word-class health care.
  • Free education up to grade 13 (grade 12 in some provinces) and university/ college education is highly sub sized for Canadian citizens & landed immigrations.
  • A person, who has worked for a minimum of 20weeks and thereafter gets unemployed, is entitled to a welfare allowance from the government.
  • A person trying for a job but is not able to find one and is unable to support himself, is entitled to a welfare allowance from the government.
  • Canada offers a pension plan (retirement pension) to people at least 60 years old have contributed to Canada pension plan.
  • Childcare facility to low and middle-class families for the costs of their childcare through tax credit system.

You can give the best life-style to your loved ones by obtaining the permanent residency. We specialize in providing immigration, permanent and settlement services workers & professional, business persons and students.