Temporary Work Short Stay Visa subclass 400

This temporary visa gives you a chance to do present moment, exceptionally concentrated work in Australia. It may be reasonable on the off chance that you have particular aptitudes, information or experience not for the most part accessible in Australia.

You can remain as long as 3 months (as long as a half year might be permitted in constrained circumstances and upheld by a solid business case). You can't make a difference for this visa inland or remain in Australia longer by broadening this visa.

  • work in a temporary, present moment, very particular employment
  • the work or movement must be non-continuous
  • You should be welcomed or bolstered by the association you are working for in Australia
  • You should have pro aptitudes, information or experience that can support Australian business and can't sensibly be found in Australia
  • You can just take the necessary steps or exercises for which your visa was conceded